Randall Kallinen is running in a *very* Republican district. No prob for the prez of Houston's ACLU chapter, right?

News from the Fighting 478th

My folks live in the 'burbs, and since I never seem to stay anywhere long enough to bother changing my voter registration, that means I'm part of the Fighting 478th, deep in the heart of Republican country.

Dan Patrick and Rick Perry signs framed the road to Hancock Elementary, where at 1:30 p.m. today about a dozen or so white folks stood in front of electronic screens twirling knobs and pushing buttons.

Even though the City of Houston annexed the road up to Willowbrook Mall — cough, money grab, cough — we don't get to vote on city issues. The only proposition on the ballot was whether or not to give more money to the North Harris Montgomery Community College District. I voted yes. Why not? I don't own property.

On the main ballot, there were plenty of unchallenged Republican judges and one Randall Kallinen, Democratic judicial candidate for Criminal District Court District 185 and president of the Houston ACLU.

You gotta wonder how well he'll do with the Dan Patrick crowd. — Keith Plocek

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