News You Can Use, Deer Park

If you live in Deer Park -- well, any sentence that begins that way is unlikely to end well.

And that's the case this morning, as a large chunk of the town is under a shelter-in-place order because of a fire at a plastics plant along 225.

We're lucky we live in such a modern age, where information on such crucial matters can be passed instantaneously to residents by any number of means. Phones, TV/radio, and now even the Internet.

You see smoke outside your Deer Park window, you can head directly to the webpage of the Harris County Homeland Security & Emergency Management Office, the place to learn info when a hurricane or flood threatens or the occasional plastics plant blows up.

And sure enough, the website offers a "Latest News" section.

Which this morning, as the flames burn over Deer Park, consists of one item: "Today -- Harris County Judge Ed Emmett to Take Oath of Office."

So don't worry about anything, Deer Parkians. Assuage your fears by knowing no matter what strange chemicals may be in that cloud of smoke drifting over your house, Ed Emmett will take his oath of office today.

Try not to breathe too deeply, though.

-- Richard Connelly

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