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NFL Cutdown Day Sweeps Up Several Former Houston Texans

Ross Blacklock (center), who the Texans drafted with the pick they received for DeAndre Hopkins, was released by the Vikings on Tuesday.
Ross Blacklock (center), who the Texans drafted with the pick they received for DeAndre Hopkins, was released by the Vikings on Tuesday. Photo by Eric Sauseda
Between Monday morning and Tuesday afternoon this week, well over 1,000 NFL football players became unemployed, many of them temporarily, but nonetheless, it was a stressful day for so many in the NFL player fraternity. If it feels like there are more than 1,000 former Houston Texans that could have flooded the marketplace themselves, that stands to reason — the Texans have cycled through a LOT of players.

While the number doesn't come close to 1,000, there were easily several dozen former Texans around the league, that found themselves looking for employment. Maybe I'm in the minority, but the "Where are they now?" concept is compelling to me. I like keeping track of guys for whom I used to root. Perhaps you do, too, and if so, this post is for you!

Here are six recent Houston Texans who were let go by their subsequent employers this week, some in similar fashion to the way the Texans cut them loose:

Rodgers was in camp with the Texans early this summer, and reportedly he approached them and asked to be cut so he could pursue an opportunity that may have afforded him a better chance of sticking with an NFL squad. Never mind the fact that the Texans have one of the least heralded receiver rooms in the NFL, and if he couldn't make it in Houston, he was never going to make another roster in the NFL. Well, he chose to go to the Colts, and you can see what happened.

I include Blacklock in this post solely because he was the player the Texans selected with the second round pick they received in the DeAndre Hopkins trade. What a disaster! The former TCU Horned Frog lasted two seasons in Houston, was traded to the Vikings, and  now has lasted one season there. This further illustrates what a horrible trade Bill O'Brien executed in dealing Hopkins.

Remember when the Texans used Driskel in some gimmick packages as a running quarterback a couple seasons ago? Remember when they moved him to tight end? What's that you say? Months of therapy had made you forget about all of that, and now I'm dredging up old, bad memories? Oh, sorry about that.

Conley was with the Texans for two seasons, and is probably best known for getting into a shouting match with safety Justin Reid in a team meeting where Conley was reportedly taking up for the offensive coaches, or something to that effect. Conley may have the biggest disparity between how athletic he LOOKS and how effective a player he IS of any NFL player I've ever seen.

Demone Harris went to the Texans on August 2 and informed them that he planned to retire. On August 15, he changed his mind, signed with the Falcons, and they cut him at the end of the month. NOW go retire, Demone.

Remember when Bradley Roby was a big splurge item for Bill O'BRien in free agency? Yeah, I do. I also remember him getting pinched for PED's the same season he signed that deal. Roby ended up in New Orleans after Caserio traded him in 2021. On Tuesday, he was a whiny salary cap casualty:
I miss exactly ZERO of the players that I listed i this post. Let's get the season started, please!

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