NFL May Luck Out With Weather on Super Bowl Sunday

When the NFL announced that it would host a Super Bowl in New York New Jersey in MetLife Stadium, which has no roof, there were more than a few raised eyebrows. The first weekend in February isn't exactly balmy along the upper east coast, and one of the big concerns, at least from fans of the actual game, was how it would impact the environment for the game. As we've been told ad infinitum since the Denver Broncos became the AFC representative, quarterback Peyton Manning isn't all that great in games played under 40 degrees.

Plus, as much as the novelty of a snow game is interesting, when it comes to deciding the championship, there is good reason why these games are normally held indoors or, at the very least, in warmer climates. For fans attending the game and those concerned with the spectacle of the day including musical performances during pregame and at the half, potential winter weather presented a unique challenge. There was even some suggestion that if long-range forecasts had held true and winter weather became a significant issue on February 2, the game could be moved.

I'll hand it to Roger Goodell, he's ballsy. The same guy that has hinted at a Super Bowl in London suggested the game might be moved less than a week before it is played.

Fortunately, it appears the Super Bowl will be in the clear for Sunday. Forecasts throughout the region call for a wintry mix of sleet and snow during the evening hours on Saturday, but that should clear by Sunday morning. Game time temperature will be near 40 degrees with only a modest 10 percent chance of precipitation. In short, it should be great football weather, and if the temperature at game time is 40 degrees, that should throw a monkey wrench into the plans of gamblers basing their wagers on Manning's under-40 ineptitude.

As the game goes on, temperatures will drop well into the 30s, but, overall, it should be good weather for Super Bowl Sunday. For all the hand wringing over the first ever outdoor cold-weather title game, it seems the football gods, in concert with Mother Nature, have smiled on the NFL once again.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.