NFL Owners Tend to Like the GOP, Especially Houston's Own Bob McNair

You have to be rich to own an NFL team. Bob McNair owns the Houston Texans. Do you know how McNair made all his money? He sold his electrical and thermal energy company, Cogen Technologies, Inc.,to Enron in 1999. Good timing on Bob's part.

McNair also likes to donate money, a lot of money, to political causes. Republican political causes. McNair gave $1 million to Karl Rove's American Crossroads Super PAC, and $2 million, during the run-up to the presidential election last fall, to Romney Super PAC Restore Our Future. According to the conservative newspaper the Washington Examiner, McNair leads the way among NFL owners in political donations, who, as a group, tend to lean Republican.

But I guess this is not surprising for a bunch of rich, old white guys. Except, the Jags owner is Pakistani, but his company was recently cited for nine OSHA violations, so there's that.

(Of course, there are a couple owners -- Robert Kraft of the Patriots and Paul Allen, owner of the Seahawks -- that give their money to the Democrats, but they're located in more liberal parts of the country).

In any event, by supporting the Texans -- when you purchase that overpriced Bud Light (even if it's cheaper than other stadiums), when you purchase that Cushing jersey from the Go Texan Store, when you pay your licensing fees for your seasons tickets -- you are, in a tangential but real way, supporting the Republican Party.

But in true Republican fashion -- the free market! -- at least McNair paid for Reliant himself, self-made billionaire and all that. Wait, what? He didn't? That's right, the public funded 61% of the cost of Reliant. Hmmm...

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