NFL Preseason Week 4: Texans-Cowboys — 4 Winners, 4 Losers

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Yeah, it was the fourth week of the preseason.  Yeah, most of the guys playing at the end of that game might be selling insurance within a year. Yeah, Kenny Hilliard got an Adrian Peterson-like workload... who cares?!? It's a win by guys in Houston uniforms over guys in Dallas uniforms.

We'll take it! And we'll take a 4-0 record in the preseason! And I'll take another swig of this whiskey! The Texans beat the Cowboys in the fourth preseason game by a score of 28-17. Not a ton to analyze from the game itself, so let's sprinkle in some winners and losers from around the world of football with a few from the game last night...


4. Keith Mumphrey
Of all the position battles last night, the one that you could probably boil down to one guy against another guy in the same position group for the last spot was Keith Mumphrey versus Cecil Shorts for the fifth wide receiver spot... well, that one was a TKO, with the knockout blow delivered by Mumphrey in the second quarter on a 64-yard touchdown catch from Brandon Weeden. I'd be shocked if the Mumphin' Man doesn't make the squad. 

3. Travis Rudolph

A few years ago, when then-Florida State QB Jameis Winston was going through his, ahem, OFF THE FIELD ISSUES, head coach Jimbo Fisher went out of his way every chance he got to tell every television camera he could see what great kids he had at FSU. And while there probably were a roster full of really good kids, when your marquee player was battling sexual assault allegations, Fisher's pleas sounded like ambient noise. Well, a couple years later, we get the above story about FSU wide receiver Travis Rudolph having lunch with an autistic middle school student who was sitting by himself, and (after blubbering like a baby) now I must give Fisher props for this particular "good kid" on his roster. Great story, click the video. Prepare to cry.

2. Antonio Brown
Damn, the rest of the NFL sure is doing whatever they can to try and stoke the "contract extension" (or lack thereof) animosity between the Texans and DeAndre Hopkins. First, it was the Rams giving Tavon Austin (whose three year stats barely eclipse Hopkins' 2015 season alone) four years and $42 million last week, and now the Steelers are, out of the goodness of their hearts, moving $4 million of Antonio Brown's 2017 money into 2016 to set up a contract extension next season. Somebody keep Hopkins off of Twitter! (Or, Texans, go ahead and extend the man!)

1. DeMarcus Cousins
Amidst the racial strife our country is enduring at the moment, if you were to ask me to select one athlete who would organize a very measured, civil discussion on race relations between citizens and police in a southern state, based on that athlete's demeanor, I'm pretty sure I'd go about three days before getting to DeMarcus Cousins. However, that's exactly what the mercurial center for the Sacramento Kings is doing: 

DeMarcus Cousins is sponsoring an event this Saturday afternoon in his hometown of Mobile, Alabama entitled the Community Connection Panel. Per the event page, “discussion will center on strengthening relations among the police and the community.”

Good for Cousins. Much better than...


4. Colin Kaepernick
If you're going to stage a protest on racial oppression, probably best to stay classy when it comes to the footwear.... 

3. NFL doctors
So former Jacksonville and New England running back Fred Taylor, who battled injuries throughout decade long NFL career, went to a doctor in Chicago, and as it turns out the doctors Taylor dealt with in the NFL are  big liars...

2. Appalachian State
The first full Saturday of college football comes up this weekend, but we almost got our first massive upset of a top ten team on Thursday night. Tennessee beat Appalachian State, 20-13 in overtime, in Knoxville, in a game where Appalachian State missed a 42-yard field goal with five minutes left, butchered clock management in the final seconds of regulation, and failed to fall on a fumble that turned into a Vols touchdown in overtime. It's ok, App State, you still have this amazing school promotional video.....

The only bigger loser than App State?....

1. Tennessee
...for celebrating the win over Appalachian State like they just won the SEC championship.... go home, Vols, you're drunk.

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