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NFL Review, Week Four: Cowboys Lose, and Bitch

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Another NFL Sunday, another Houston Texans loss. Reading around the internets yesterday, I discover that the consensus bad play seems to have been the Jaguars’ first score. It came off the fake punt, the one where there wasn’t even a punter deep behind the center. The one where the punt return team was seemingly caught unawares and allowed the up back, the guy the ball was snapped to, to lope into the end zone for the touchdown.

Many thought Kubiak or one of the players on the field should have called a timeout. And I can’t argue with that because I think the timeout should have been called. Kubiak agrees. Kind of.

“I though [sic] we had stuffed the play, to be honest with you. I thought we had lined up and stuffed it. We should have, but we didn’t,” Kubiak said after the game. “I think when we play these guys we expect stuff like that because they do various things on special teams, you know.”

I listened to some of the call-in shows yesterday, and linebacker DeMeco Ryans was a guest on one. He wasn’t on the field, but he thought someone should have called a timeout. And Kubiak said in his press conference yesterday that he should have called a timeout. But nobody did.

Kubiak may have expected the play, but it was evident that the guys on the field didn’t. Kubiak may have expected someone else to call the timeout, but when nobody did, he failed to do so as well. And it just seems like that with the Texans, there is always somebody that should be doing something, but doesn’t. There’s a sloppiness to this team. And this sloppiness always comes back to bite them.

The Colts are in town this Sunday. And though the Colts are a little beat up, they’re still not a team you can be sloppy with. Especially with Peyton Manning sitting in the pocket, just waiting for a slip-up in the defensive backfield.


The first head rolled yesterday as Scott Linehan was fired St. Louis. Yes, he was actually fired before Lane Kiffin in Oakland, though if I were Kiffin, I don’t think I would get too comfortable yet. The Rams (0-4) have been awful this season – beyond Texans awful even. Like the Texans, their main fault seems to be a lack of talent. So I’m not sure as to what interim coach Jim Haslett will be able to accomplish. But here’s hoping he has a better time of it with the Rams than he did on the last year at his last job coaching the Saints while they played in San Antonio, Baton Rouge, and throughout the U.S. because of Katrina.

And if any of you saw or read about the Raiders (1-3) game yesterday, you might be wondering why it is that Kiffin still has a job, especially after the Raiders blew a 15-0 half time lead – the second week in a row that the Raiders blew a big half time lead. And just what was Kiffin thinking when he let his kicker, Sebastian Janikowski, attempt a 76-yard field goal at the end of the first half? If you’re that far out, and if the clock’s about to run out, just fall on the ball.


And let’s hear it for America’s Team. The Cowboys were beat by the Redskins in Dallas. Terrell Owens is upset because he thinks the team didn’t do enough to get him the ball. But seeing as how the Cowboys had 58 offensive plays, and that Owens ran the ball twice then had the ball thrown to him 18 times, I think it kind of looks like the Cowboys made too much of an effort to get him the ball while ignoring their running game.

But that’s not the only problem in Dallas. Some Cowboys are upset that one of the Redskins’ players celebrated the win by standing on the star at midfield, saying that it disrespected their house. This is funny because Cowboys’ star receiver Terrell Owens did that in the past. And frankly, if the Cowboys don’t want someone standing on their star and celebrating after a win, maybe the Cowboys should make sure they win the damn game. It would probably also be a bit better if the person complaining was someone other than Tank Johnson, who’s got quite the reputation.

**************** Here’s a little note for ESPN analyst Cris Carter. Dude, before you criticize someone, make sure that something you’ve said can’t be used against you. Like, you know, don’t criticize Matt Millen’s personnel decisions when you, in the past, raved about what great choices Millen was making. It makes you look like a moron.


The fantasy football stud of the weekend was Brett Favre, the bastard. He was 24 for 34, threw for 289 yards, and managed to throw six touchdowns. If Favre hadn’t thrown six TDs, I would’ve had the victory in my fantasy league, but my opponent had Favre, and that killed me. -- John Royal

UPDATE: And another head has rolled as Al Davis has finally pulled the trigger and fired Lane Kiffin. No interim coach was announced.

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