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NFL Weekend Playoff Picks

Now it’s go time in the NFL. The playoffs. Eleven teams battling it out to lose to the Patriots.

This is Wild Card weekend with four games. Two on Saturday. Two on Sunday. Let’s face it, I’ve sucked at picking games this season, but it’s an all new season, so as far as I’m concerned, I’m 0-0 on the season.

Saturday Games:

Things get off to a start with the Redskins journeying to Seattle to take on the Seahawks. The Seahawks, the winner of the NFC West are favored by 3.5 points. Neither one of these teams is going to make the Super Bowl. But one of them has to win, so I’m picking the Seahawks because of Seattle’s home field advantage.

Saturday night finds the Jacksonville Jaguars flying to Pittsburgh to meet up with the Steelers. The Steelers are the Division Champ and have the home field. But the wild card Jags have the better record and are favored 2.5 points. The Steelers stumbled into the playoffs. And normally, the Jags do have the type of team capable of winning in the adverse conditions of Pittsburgh. But every year, every time that I buy into the Jags, they flop. So while I don’t feel comfortable doing this, I’m taking the Steelers.

Sunday Games:

The New York Giants are in Tampa Bay taking on the surprising Bucs. As with the Redskins/Seahawks, I don’t think either of these teams will be making it to the Super Bowl. The Bucs are favored by 3 points. I’m taking the Bucs.

And to finish things out, the Tennessee Titans will be in San Diego taking on the Chargers. The Chargers should run away with this game. The Chargers have one of the best running backs in the league. And one of the best receivers. And a decent QB. And a good defense. The Titans have Vince Young, who is injured, and it’s still not sure if he’ll play. But the Titans have one huge advantage over the Chargers. They’re coach isn’t Norv Turner. The Chargers are favored by 9.5 points despite Norv Turner. And I just can’t pick a Norv Turner team. So while the Chargers might win, I think the Titans will keep it to within a touchdown. So take the Titans.

--John Royal

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