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Deshaun Watson Will Not Travel To Green Bay For Preseason Game

Deshaun Watson and David Culley are talking more during training camp these days.
Deshaun Watson and David Culley are talking more during training camp these days. Photo by Sean Pendergast
The saga between the Houston Texans and Deshaun Watson has taken some intriguing turns this week. First, the mere fact that Watson returned to the practice field on Monday was surprising to many, including yours truly. From there, the fact that Watson seemed fairly upbeat, chopping it up at various times with GM Nick Caserio, head coach David Culley, and a smattering of teammates, all of which was pleasant to see.

That was Monday. how would it go Tuesday? Actually, more of the same! Check this out....
What a sweet visual! If John McClain hadn't already completely taken a dump on the notion of Watson ever taking the field for the Texans ever again, I'd have allowed myself to get somewhat delusional and think that there could be a reconciliation. Look at David Culley dap him up!!!!

Alas, that is probably not going to be the case, and if anything, that was confirmed by Texans GM Nick Caserio, who was a guest on my morning radio show on SportsRadio 610 prior to Texans practice on Tuesday. First, I asked him if, as some national media types have reported, there is a chance for said reconciliation between Watson and the Texans. Here is what he had to say:


As cryptic as this answer was, this was actually considered progress in trying to learn where the Texans are with Watson. The mere acknowledgment of "speculation" and "moving parts" was a nice change from a blanket "taking it day to day" and a de facto "no comment." The fact that Caserio mentioned productive conversations between him and Watson, and Watson and Culley was nice to hear! I have no idea if this is all going to a place where Watson remains a Texan, but it was better clarity than we've BEEN getting.

Then, from there, I asked Caserio about Watson traveling with the team to Green Bay this weekend for the first preseason game, and here was his response:



Deshaun Watson, it would appear, is staying home this weekend, which is probably not great news if you're buying into the reconciliation talks, but it's great news if you're into transparency and clarity. How big was this news? Big enough for Adam Schefter of to pick it up five minutes after it was uttered on our air:
So the saga continues to unfold. The two sides are more cordial than they were a week ago, but Watson appears no closer to playing actual football. Meanwhile, in the background, the wheels of justice within HPD and the NFL grind, but they grind ever so slowly.

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