Nick Kosir: The Rapping Weatherman's San Francisco Gig Is Over

All of Houston has been following semi-breathlessly the sage of

rapping weatherman Nick Kosir

who has either appalled or entertained viewers (in Beaumont and on YouTube) with his white-man-raps schtick.

He seemingly rode his talent to the big time -- San Francisco, which is a hell of a lot better TV market than Beaumont.

But now his San Fran stint is over.

We were first alerted to this by the the Beaumont Enterprise's Bayou blog, which quoted from the TV news industry website News Blues.

We notified our sister paper in San Francisco, SF Weekly, whose Joe Eskenazi knows Brian Greif, the GM at KRON, Kosir's erstwhile station.

And Greif says Kosir essentially backed out of the job shortly after beginning it.

KRON's general manager is seething, charging Kosir with pulling off "the most unprofessional thing I've seen in 28 years in the business"....[He said] the "real story" is that Kosir's wife "had been hitting us up for a job, too. We didn't think she was ready for this market. ...His former boss in Beaumont [Texas] had been transferred to a station in Twin Falls, Idaho. So, his solution was, she's not happy because she can't find a job, so I'll give you both jobs in Twin Falls. She can be the weekend anchor and you can be the weather guy. ... [Kosir] skipped out on a two-year deal so she could have a job."


Kosir's agent hasn't returned calls. But then again, he wasn't too happy either, e-mailing Greif: "Again, I'm sorry about this entire episode! I really am sick to my stomach about it and angry as hell! I feel betrayed by Nick's actions. This is not the way my company does business!"

Asked if Kosir will be rapping in Idaho, Greif had this to say: "I hope so. I hope he raps. I hope she raps. I hope everybody raps in Twin Falls, Idaho."

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