Nick Saban's Daughter Gets Sued for Beating the Snot Out of Her Sorority Sister

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10. Kristen, Hannah, and Sarah stayed at the bar until last call when the lights came on, and Kristen had to sign her tab.

11. The plan was to go back home to freshen up and then go over to a pledge sister's house.

SP: Closing the bars, and then going home to freshen up so you can go out some more. God, I miss college.

12. "BV" was also going, so Kristen wanted to go as well.

SP: She would not be ignored....

13. Kristen drove everyone back home where everyone gathered in the kitchen and had a snack.

SP: Because when you've been playing "Power Hour" all night, barhopping and drinking enough to be acting "erratically," the smart thing to do is drive everybody home yourself. Especially when you're the football coach's daughter in SEC country. What could possibly go wrong?

14. Kristen became upset with "BV" again, while talking over the phone.

SP: You know what? I take back what I said earlier about tolerating Kristen's shit. I'm 14 lines into a civil lawsuit complaint and I'm already sick of her. Hey "BV," take your student tickets, hang with your buddies and then just let Hannah Muncher give you a "muncher" behind the garage at some frat house.

15. Kristen was lying on the floor next to McKinnon and Hannah saying how everyone did not understand "how it was" for her and Kristen became emotional.

SP: Became emotional? I think she was already there. And if the "how it was" for her has anything to do with being the coach's daughter, I might request that I get to be in Sarah Grimes's corner for the rematch. Your dad runs Tuscaloosa and makes $5 million a year. Shut up, you little wench. Now, if "how it was" for her refers to something else like an eating disorder or herpes, then I apologize, Kristen.

16. After Kristen refused to get off the floor after several people had tried to help her, Sarah looked over at Kristen and said, "Kristen, please just shut up. We're all sick and tired of hearing it."

17. Kristen jumped up off the floor screaming "No one likes you, you don't have any friends" and stormed to her room.

SP: "No one likes you"??? Apparently, "I'm rubber, you're glue" had the night off that Saturday.

18. Sarah was laughing at this point because it was not unusual behavior for Kristen and made the comment, "You really need therapy."

19. Kristen then screamed at Sarah, "Yeah, because that obviously worked so well for you!" and then slammed her bedroom door.

SP: I don't know how therapy did or (according to Kristen, at least) did not work for Sarah, I just know that in about 12 lines from now, Sarah is going to wish her tae kwon do lessons had worked better than they did.

20. Everyone in the kitchen was used to seeing Kristen behave this way, and no one thought much of it.

21. About thirty minutes later, Hannah went to check on Kristen in her room and closed the door.

22. For the next thirty or so minutes, Courtney, McKinnon and Sarah were lying in Courtney's bed (across the hall from Kristen's) with the door open, waiting to go to the Waffle House.

SP: Okay, so the girls closed the bars that night, went home sometime after 2:00 a.m., rinsed off, cleaned up and got dressed again so they could go to Waffle House? Why bother? The windows of every Waffle House are so caked up with grease and filth, no one can see into the building anyway. On a down note, this would have made the girls the first people to ever shower within ten hours of setting foot in a Waffle House. It would have been nice to see that streak broken.

23. Sarah checked her Facebook via her phone and saw that Kristen had posted a status saying "No one likes Sarah! Yayyyyy!"

24. Sarah showed Courtney her phone, and got up off the bed saying "I'm done."

SP: Uh oh. "BV's" ambivalence toward Kristen started this downward spiral. It looks like social media is going to finish it.

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