Nicklas Gagliardi: Head Butts Meth Pipe After Drug Bust

Nicklas Gagliardi was already facing one felony charge Wednesday night. The 27-year-old College Station man had to use his head to come up with another one -- literally.

Gagliardi was pulled over after a College Station cop saw him make a wide right turn. The cop reported that Gagliardi pulled into an apartment complex and slowed his car but did not stop, and could be seen apparently trying to conceal some items. The cop reported he had to honk several times to get Gagliardi to finally stop.

And when he did, after being asked why he'd been pulled over, he took off running but was quickly taken down. A pat-down of Gagliardi's whitey-tighties turned up a glass pipe, which the cop placed on the hood of his patrol car. That was when a lightbulb apparently flashed over Gagliardi's head. He went Woody Woodpecker on the pipe, shattering it, and apparently scratching his forehead. (See the mild abrasion between his eyes in the accompanying mugshot.)

Alas, it was all for less than naught. Not only did the cop simply collect and test the pipe's shards and get a positive hit for crystal meth, but he also tacked on a third-degree felony evidence-tampering rap.

Had Gagliardi simply kept his head on his shoulders, all he would have faced (in addition to a couple of traffic misdemeanors) would have been a simple drug possession charge, punishable by up to two years in prison. The evidence-tampering rap could get him ten years.

And he could have put his eye out.

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