Nikki Araguz: She Says E-Mails Prove Husband Knew She Was Born A Man

The fallen Wharton firefighter whose transgender widow is at the center of a nasty probate lawsuit knew about his wife's sexual reassignment surgery as early as October 2008, two months after their wedding, according to an e-mail exchange released today by his wife.

Hair Balls has also obtained another e-mail that contains the itinerary of Nikki Araguz's trip to Trinidad, Colorado.

That e-mail (whose veracity we cannot vouch for) is dated October 4, 2008, and contains the details of Araguz's trip to Trinidad, Colorado, for the procedure. Thomas Araguz is listed as a recipient.

Araguz's family has maintained that he did not find out about his wife's past until an April 2010 deposition. His family also told The Houston Press that Thomas believed Nikki's trip to Colorado was for a hysterectomy. But in the October 4, 2008 e-mail, titled, "Nikki's Colorado Itinerary," Nikki explains that she is traveling to Mt. San Rafael Hospital to see her surgeon, Dr. Marci Bowers. (Bowers runs probably the busiest sexual reassignment clinic in the country).

The e-mail opens with "On Sunday, Oct. 5th, Thomas will take me to the airport and kiss me goodbye," and concludes with "Thank you all for your prayers and support during this time of my life. It has been a long time coming and I am overwhelmed with joy and excitement."

It also states "at anytime, my wonderful husband and friends will be able to answer any questions of whereabouts as well [as] conditions," and lists a phone number for Thomas Araguz with a 713 area code. (A source tells us that Nikki Araguz put Thomas on her cell phone plan, hence the lack of the 979 Wharton area code).

The alleged exchange between Nikki and Thomas begins October 7, 2008, with an e-mail from Thomas stating "Will what can i say to make you feel better? The only thing i known is 'I LOVE YOU.' [The boys] miss you dearly, they love y7ou with all their little heats. Today has been a hell of day, would you agree? After taking to you, i called my [mother-in-law] to let her known the good news, about your opt. An you know she spead the good news all the world....[sic]"

Nikki Araguz allegedly responded four hours later with, "We can now move on with the rest of our [lives]...this is wild that little thing is gone.....I think I am supposed to see it for the first [time] tomorrow...."

Nikki Araguz has scheduled a press conference today, so we're sure there will be more to come.

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