Nikki Araguz Speaks and Says Something Beyond "Give Me and My Reality-TV Crew Some Privacy"

Nikki Araguz, the transgendered woman who we profiled as she was fighting over her husband's death benefits, is not having a fun time.

Or maybe she is. It's hard to tell what's real and what's not when you're filming a reality TV show.

Araguz was in court yesterday to be arraigned on theft charges regarding a Rolex watch, which she says she got by trading her Swatch with a woman at a Houston bar.

This entertaining coverage by the Houston Chronicle's Brian Rogers notes that Araguz and her reality crew asked reporters for privacy, and that the judge at the hearing laughed out loud at Araguz's explanation.

She also has given an exclusive interview to KPRC in which she refuses to talk about the criminal case and says of people criticizing her TV show, "You don't know, and you have no clue," Araguz said. "So pass judgment on me if you choose, but without the knowledge of what's happening, how can you?"

As we noted in our story, Araguz -- who no longer seems to be returning our calls -- has a criminal history. She told KPRC, "I admit I have made mistakes in my past. I deeply regret some of the choices that I have made."

Last month a judge ruled that Araguz was not entitled to receive benefits connected to her husband's death fighting a fire in Wharton. The judge said because Araguz was born a man, the state of Texas does not recognize the marriage.

"It was like a punch in the stomach. I literally collapsed and felt exactly the way I did when I found out my husband died in that fire," Araguz told KPRC.

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