Nikki Araguz's Marriage Voided by Judge

Fox 26 is reporting that the attorney fighting Nikki Araguz, the transgender widow of a Wharton firefighter, says a judge has ruled that Araguz's marriage is not valid under Texas law and she will not get her husband's benefits.

The Wharton County Judge agreed with the family's attorneys ruling re-affirms Texas's legal view regarding same-sex marriage: They don't exist.

Nikki will not be eligible for any benefits and her common law marriage was voided.

More on this as it develops, which no doubt will include an appeal.

The Houston GLBT Caucus issued this statement:

Members of the Houston GLBT Political Caucus are tremendously disappointed in the ruling handed down by Judge Clapp declaring the marriage of Nikki Araguz to her late husband to be invalid.

While we recognize the strong desire of the community at-large to understand this setback to the fight for equal rights, Judge Clapp's ruling has not been made available to the public and it would be inappropriate to comment on the legal implications or arguments relative to this case until we have had an opportunity to review and analyze the ruling. We expect that to happen within the next 48 hours, and will offer comment at that time


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