No Bus Left Behind

Remember that image after Hurricane Katrina of all those New Orleans school buses underwater?

Kudos to the Houston Independent School District for taking steps to prevent that from happening here.

"HISD’s Transportation Department parked all of our buses on high ground in tight formations, with the oldest buses on the outside and newest on the inside," says district spokesman Norm Uhl. "The buses came through the storm virtually undamaged."

Definitely an A+ move.

-- Keith Plocek

UPDATE: More bragging from Norm Uhl: "Yesterday, I sent you a picture of the tight formation of buses parked on high ground to avoid flooding and wind damage," he writes on September 18. "Older buses were on the outside. Newer buses were on the inside. Today we took those buses out of formation. Out of 1000 buses we had ZERO damage. Not even one broken window."

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