Courtesy of Playboy
Sorry, Amanda just wants to be MySpace friends...

No Love from the Bunny

The final hours of August are waning, and thus Playboy will have a new Cyber Girl.

That's newsworthy because this month's Cyber Girl is none other than Amanda Duncan, who hails from Conroe. According to Playboy.com, "the blonde haired, blue-eyed beauty first appeared as a Cyber Girl of the Week in April 2006. As the August Cyber Girl of the Month, Amanda appears in four enticing new pictorials, as well as, two behind-the-scenes videos and three exclusive video features." Amanda has also appeared in several Playboy Special Edition issues.

Potential suitors, listen up: Amanda currently attends beauty school and plans to own her own salon some day. (Wonder how many "Visible Changes in my pants" jokes she'll field from male clients.) But you're looking to hook up, you better axe her in person.

Surfing the site strictly for research (hear that, HouStoned IT Guy? Research. You know what you can do with your web report), I happened upon one of Amanda's "exclusive video features." In it, the blonde Amanda is asked a question of the week. This week's query:

Is picking up someone on MySpace cool or is it nerdy and weird?

Well, Amanda?

"It's weird and lame at the same time," she says, as it cuts from a close-up profile shot to full shot of her in pink bra, "because if you can't get a girl outside MySpace, you have no chance." She then manages a tense smile.

Dangit! And I was all set to ask her out, too. I mean, she seems so real...— Steven Devadanam

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