No More Mr. Nice Guy

So last night Channel 13 had a quickie on Tom Nixon, a former cop who’s running for city council. The report said Nixon was fired by the Houston Police Department after blasting the department’s chase policy.

In January of last year, Nixon criticized HPD after a chase that ended with a crash and left a young girl injured.

"Employees of local government have the right to free speech, they have the right to address matters of local concern with the public," said Nixon.

Yep, all of that is true. And apparently employees of local government also have the right to be complete assholes, as is evidenced by some of Nixon’s past columns for 002 Magazine.

There was the one in which he called homeless people worthless. And then there was this nugget:

I can only imagine that there was a burgeoning drug trade in the inner-city rat community. I won't be surprised if I ever find a gang of rats all wearing Nike jump suits, Rolex watches, gold teeth and carrying a nine 'milli.' Of course they'll all claim that it's not their cocaine and that I'm just a species-ist…Of course I'll have to fill out a 'species' profiling card, just to prove I'm not prejudiced towards rats.

Ah, yes, this definitely sounds like the guy to replace Dracula Cunt. – Keith Plocek

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