No Offense: Charges Dropped Against Accused Kingwood Flasher

​The sucky thing about being a registered sex offender is that, anytime some dude whips out his weiner in your neighborhood, the police are eventually going to look in your direction. Such is the case with Kingwood resident/creepy guy Jose Gregory Moore, who had been charged with indecency with a child in June, despite the fact that he had the time-tested, legally airtight "I Was in Lexington, Kentucky At the Time Alibi," wherein the defendant claims that he or she was in Lexington when the crime occurred. (As one might expect, this strategy doesn't work so well in Lexington). The charge was dropped earlier this month.

Moore's attorney, Colin Amann, told the Atascocita Observer this week that Harris County prosecutors continued to pursue charges against Moore even after they were provided with "airplane tickets, baggage claim tickets [and] boarding passes," indicating Moore wasn't in town when two teenage girls said a man exposed himself to them while they were riding their bikes.

"When, from the first day, the prosecution knew it could not have been [Moore], the time and effort they spent focusing on him instead of the real person wasted a lot of time and resources," Amann told the Observer, adding that investigators were :"on a witch hunt."

More accurately, they were on a sex-offender hunt, so it's kind of easy to see why they would have looked at, um, sex offenders -- a club to which Moore belongs. Moore, whose occupation is listed as "athletic trainer," entered into the Texas DPS sex offender registry in 1999, following a 1994 misdemeanor conviction for exposing himself to a 14-year-old girl. (Amann told the Observer that he's been fighting to have Moore removed from the registry, saying "indecent exposure could be something like peeing on the side of the road.")

And Amann also said his client has been unfairly targeted by the Mills Branch Village Community Association, which has posted Moore's record on its website -- a record with previous indecency/exposure charges dating back to 1983. Amann is also upset that the Community Association has not removed a June "Crimewatch" notice of Moore's arrest.

Amann told the Observer that the arrest cost Moore his job and "his privileges at the gym where he used to do his training...."

However, the most upsetting aspect is that neither investigators nor the Community Association appear interested in finding out who the real flasher is. Maybe Moore could help them out. Since he lost his job, he probably has a lot of time on his hands.

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