No, Seriously, They Won

Mario got his 1.5 sacks yesterday. Just 17 more, and fans will be happy.

I decided to forego watching Sunday's Texans game from Reliant Stadium's press box, and instead watch it with friends, one of which is a Texans season ticket holder. Season ticket holder — let's call him Dave (because that's his name) — didn't bother attending the game because he was sick of the team disappointing him. "The


pick put it over the top," he said. He then offered me his tix. "They're a buncha bums," he said of your Houston Texans.

Maybe so, Dave, but you gotta love it when bums show some fight.

There's been plenty already written about yesterday's Texans win over the Miami Dolphins. Mario Williams finally got himself a sack, then a half-sack in the third quarter. On first down at 14:55 on the Dolphins' 20 yard line, rookie Texans linebacker DeMeco Ryans zoomed through the line and nearly downed massive QB Daunte Culpepper, who tried sidestep the assault and ended up getting engulfed by Williams.

Truthfully, the play spoke more to the defensive line and linebacker push and Culpepper's strength and agility, but Williams was in the right place in the right time. After the play, the stadium went insane, and it wasn't hard to ready into Williams's scream into the air. One fan realized she was wearing a Williams jersey, looked down and started showing it off to the camera. Then Williams and Ryans met up at the QB for half a sack apiece. And underrated play: Following the two sacks -- on third down on Miami's 10 yard line — Culpepper launched a pass to receiver Marty Booker, who was covered by a sole Texan, Lewis Sanders. In years' past, that would've been a heartbreaking (and back breaking) completion. But Sanders disrupted the play and nearly picked it off. For a defense that's had it handed to them this season, it was the most satisfying series this year.

Adding a little fuel to the David Carr/Sage Rosenfels supposed controversy, the CBS announcing crew, Gus Johnson and Steve Tasker, made sure to point out backup QB Sage Rosenfels mouthing "Be smart!" to Carr on the sidelines left in the game. Carr dished a pass of to running back Ron Dayne, and the Texans kicked a field goal to tie the game up 3-3. The broadcast team again showed Rosenfels cheering the team on. Nice try, but lame.

Only one Reggie Bush reference: a Bush soda commercial, which came just after the Texans game-tying field goal, reminding us what we could've had in the Texans backfield.

Overall, it was a good win, especially with David Carr's touchdown run, punctuated with him tossing the ball deep into the stands. Wonder if he was aiming for the guy wearing the "Draft Vince" shirt in the 37th row? -- Steven Devadanam

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