No Thanks, I've Reached My Bank-Robbing Limit Today, Ma'am

Photo courtesy FBI
​"A man's got to know his limitations," as Dirty Harry once said.

One man who does is this guy, who robbed a Kroger at 12620 Woodforest at around noon today.

This Man With No Name has got more than little Clint in him if the FBI version of events is correct:

The man of few words entered the banking area within the grocery store, approached the teller, and pushed a note demanding cash across the counter. The teller placed some cash on top of the note, and when she reached down to grab some additional cash, "Frugal Felon" told her, "No, that's enough."

He then grabbed the cash and the note and was seen exiting the store on foot.

The FBI, never at a loss for a catchy nickname, is calling the dude the  "Frugal Felon."

He's described as "a white male, late 20's to early 30's, 6-foot tall, 200 pounds, light complexion, clean shaven. He was wearing a dark blue mechanic's coverall, dark shoes, sunglasses, and a maroon baseball cap with a white logo. He had a tattoo of unknown design on his right forearm."

He's also apparently someone who knows when he's made his daily nut.

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Richard Connelly
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