No Vacations For This Rodeo Girl And Her Cow

Photo by Hallie Jordan
​School vacations are precious. The highly coveted breaks for most students are the standard two days for Thanksgiving, two weeks during winter, a week for spring break and of course summer.

Except for Taylor Haliburton. The high school senior will be spending three weeks at the Houston Livestock Show to show her cow in what is called the Junior Show.

Traveling from Waco, Haliburton and her cow, Fancy, have made appearances at several Texas cities. Recently Fancy won second place, or Reserve Champion, in San Antonio, and San Angelo, as well as Reserve Calf in Fort Worth.

"The cows are judged on body conformation, breeding and grooming," Haliburton said. "Winning promotes the cow and makes it worth more."

It also promotes embryo and semen sales from a winning cow, Haliburton said.

The cows are shown in the Open Show or Junior Show, for student members. The show is a time for breeders to get their name out.

"The Open Show is more of a business deal," Haliburton said. "All the breeders come and they get a lot of domestic as well as international business."

Students participating in the Junior Show in Houston can apply for scholarships. Some cities give between $1,000 and $10,000 in scholarships to winners. There were 80 competitors in San Antonio and Haliburton expects about 100 in Houston.

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Hallie Jordan