No W. Screenings For Houston Critics

Oliver Stone's


opens Friday, but critics around the country have already attended screenings so they can have their reviews ready for that day.

Except in Houston.

Apparently, according to one local film critic, W.'s studio has decided not to have any critics' screenings in Houston.

Writes Eric Harrison, who until recently was a film critic for the Houston Chronicle:

For some reason, Lionsgate has chosen not to show the film to critics here in Daddy Bush's home town. Even critics who live elsewhere but who write for Houston publications were out of luck. The Houston Chronicle's reviewer lives in Albany, N.Y., for some reason. Lionsgate wouldn't screen it for her.

(I hear a Chronicle writer drove to Austin to catch a Wednesday morning screening there in order to get a locally written review in the paper. All of Texas wasn't frozen out — just Houston.)

This makes no sense to me. The Houston Film Critics Society didn't like it either. Members are discussing how strongly to protest the studio's action.

(Nice slam at Chron critic Amy Biancolli, by the way.)

Like Harrison, we couldn't get any response from Lionsgate.

But it's not quite exactly a ballsy move.

-- Richard Connelly

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