No Word Yet on Ravens-Texans Game

For you Texans fans hoping that Ike will force the cancellation of this weekend's scheduled loss to the Baltimore Ravens, think again. The NFL is monitoring the situation, and will make an announcement later this week as to when and where the game

will be played


I would expect the announcement to come sometime tomorrow so that teams will not have to scramble for travel arrangements. If Ike continues on its present course, I would expect Sunday's 3:00 game at Reliant Stadium to go off as scheduled. But if it should start tracking north again, I would expect the NFL to probably move the game to Monday night, and move it to a different location.

Alternate locations could include Baltimore, and I could see the game being played in New Orleans or Indianapolis. Dallas can be ruled out since the Cowboys are at home this weekend.

Like I said, we should probably know tomorrow -- about Ike, and about the location of the Texans game. But because the Ravens and Texans have different bye weeks, the game will have to be played this weekend. -- John Royal


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