No Worries: Wayne Dolcefino Is on the Case

Wayne Dolcefino, the blustering “Undercover Reporter!!” of KTRK, is an acquired taste. Many choose not to acquire it, but we think he’s kind of endearing.

He’s been on a Metro binge lately, and – well, the pickings have been somewhat slim.

Metro execs are overpaid; fine, do a report on them and list the salaries. (Spokeswoman Raequel Roberts? She gets $103,000 a year.)

But – somehow – Wayne has become incensed that Metro employees get to ride the bus for free.

From the report:

We've found a way you can ride the bus or the rail absolutely free anytime you want.

"Are you referring to METRO employees?" asked [Metro exec George] Smalley.

That's right. METRO employees ride free.

"Why should they ride free if we have to pay?" asked passenger Jackie Harris.

"How can we compete with the private sector? One of those ways is a transportation benefit," said Smalley.

The perk on the park and ride is worth up to $1,700 a year just for one employee. It's a perk that's costing Houston taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. Unless you buy METRO's logic.

"It's an existing seat," he said. "It's an empty seat."

This is news? Or even a big deal?

Next up for Wayne: Some Metro bureaucrats have idly twisted paper clips until they are unusable!! Costing taxpayers dozens of pennies!!! – Richard Connelly

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.