Noel Sosa-Ruiz: Bizarre End for Man Who Killed His Kids' Mother at Her Office

Photo by HPD
Noel Sosa-Ruiz: Tries to escape to Cuba
The death of 29-year-old Yodani Cruz-Rojas was odd enough -- the father of her children walked into the suburban dentist's office where she worked and killed her in a hail of gunfire -- but now there's an odd finale.

The suspected killer, Noel Sosa-Ruiz, 41, escaped and became a fugitive. He was a licensed security guard with a concealed-handgun license, so he was thought to be armed and dangerous.

Now he's dead.

Houston police say he ran to Florida and on Friday stole a boat in an attempt to get back to his native Cuba.

"Florida officials provided all maritime traffic with a description of the stolen boat and Sosa-Ruiz and, later that day, he was located in the boat and drifting at sea approximately three miles from Cuban waters," HPD says.

Law enforcement officers closed in to arrest him, but Sosa-Ruiz was not going to let them: As vessels from the U.S. Coast Guard and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement got near, he took out a gun and shot himself in the chest. He died on the scene.

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