Nolan Ryan's Five Greatest Off-Field TV Appearances

On this date in 1989, Nolan Ryan whiffed Rickey Henderson to become the first and still the only man to rack up 5,000 strikeouts.

With the Astros wheezing towards the finish line in their worst season ever, what better time to remember the most popular Astro ever? And what better way to do it than to look back on his five greatest off-field TV appearances?

5. This one looks to date back to early in his stint with the Astros. We're thinking this might have been a one-taker...

4. "I'm Nolan Ryan. But you probably already knew that..."

3. Say what you will about Smoky the Bear, but his heater never could touch 101 on the gun, as this very timely ad clearly shows.


Okay, what in the Sam Helicopter is going on in those short-shorts? Whatever it is, it seems even more wooden than his acting. Uh oh indeed.

1. Nolie reveals that he was a childhood sufferer of depression and the reason why...as well as the reason he spent the last couple of decades of his career in Texas.

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