It's funny!!!!
It's funny!!!!

Nonmacher's Bar-B-Q Stands by Its "Hang an Iranian" Display

You know what's funny? A picture of an Iranian being hanged by a guy wearing a T-shirt that says "Iranians Suck," captioned "Let's play cowboys and Iranians."

It's funny, at least, to John Nonmacher, owner of Nonmacher's Bar-B-Q in Katy. He's had it up for years, but now it's getting publicity because someone took a picture of it and posted it on Facebook, KHOU reports.

Nonmacher says the poster went up when the Iranians took Americans hostage in the Carter administration, and apparently its hilarious staying power has caused it to remain up ever since.

Nonmacher said no one complained until someone recently blasted it on the social media site.

"This is just a smear campaign. All they want is to get the sign down and I don't want to take it down," said Nonmacher.

"This is just a smear campaign"? Okaaaay.

Here's the KHOU story:


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