Norma Jean Clark: Investigators Say Bloodied Shirt Solves Murder

Clark, Norma Jean2.jpg.Jpg
Norma Jean Clark's bloodied shirt may have implicated her in her husband's murder.
​Investigators say they've solved a cold-case murder that's been frozen solid for the last 23 years, and a bloody shirt was the key piece of evidence.

In 1987, when Edmund High Clark was found shot dead in his head and back at home, his wife Norma Jean claimed to be sleeping in the other room. She maintained that the shots roused her, and that she ran to the neighbor's house and called the police.

That story worked until 2010, when the HCSO's Cold Case Unit reopened the investigation. It was a case, said Sgt. Dean Holtke, with "potential."

He and Sgt. Eric Clegg gained additional witness information and uncovered some physical evidence, Holtke said today at a press conference. Instrumental was the re-examination of the suspect's clothing. Upon a second look, investigators found microscopic bloodstains on the shirt she'd been wearing that night. These, Holtke explains, are consistent with blood spatterings that indicate murder.

"In 1987, they're looking for big red bloodstains, not microscopic ones," Holtke told Hair Balls. "Technology's a good thing."

But not for Norma Jean. The 62-year-old is currently jailed in Tennessee and awaiting extradition to Harris County.

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