Norma Jean Clark: Is This the Face of Someone Who's Been Hiding from Murder Charges for 23 Years?

Norma Jean Clark, who was arrested earlier this year in the cold-case murder of her husband 23 years ago, is back in town.

Clark, 61, waived extradition and was booked into Harris County Jail yesterday, Sheriff's Office spokeswoman Christina Garza says.

Clark had been living quietly in rural Tennessee when she was arrested; she said she was indigent and had a defense attorney appointed for her to handle the proceedings in that state.

She is accused of murdering her husband by shooting him in the head and back in 1987. At the time, she said she had been sleeping in another room and was awakened by gunfire.

Police couldn't find any evidence to contradict her, but modern testing equipment revealed incriminating microscopic blood drops, in a splatter pattern that would occur in a close-range killing, on her shirt.

She is scheduled to be arraigned tomorrow.

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