Norma Jean Clark: Sheriff's Deputies Arrest Her for Murdering Her Husband 23 Years Ago

Clark, Norma Jean.Jpg
Franklin County SO
Norma Jean Clark, accused of murdering her husband in 1987
Back in April 1987, when Edmund High Clark was found dead in his bedroom from a shot to the head and one in the back, his wife Norma Jean said she'd been sleeping in another room and was awakened by the shots.

She fled to a neighbor's, she told investigators, and apparently wasn't much help in offering clues to suspects.

She eventually moved to Tennessee, where she was arrested this week for murdering her husband 23 years ago.

The cold case squad of the Harris County Sheriff's Office took on the unsolved case last year, and uncovered "evidence that led to the charge of murder being filed on Mrs. Clark," HCSO says.

HCSO spokesperson Christina Garza tells Hair Balls no more details -- such as what type of evidence was found, or anything on Clark's life in Tennessee -- were not available and wouldn't be until the two investigators who helped arrest her returned to Houston.

Clark is now 62 and was arrested in Winchester, Tennessee.

The murder took place in the family home in the 22900 block of Laurelwood Lane in north Harris County, at about five in the morning.

"Two tremendous public servants, Sgt. Eric Clegg and Sgt. Dean Holtke, are bringing much needed closure to the surviving families of the victims of these horrible crimes," said Sheriff Adrian Garcia. "It is these survivors, and the memory of their loved ones, that motivate our cold case investigators, and me, to continuously find ways to bring justice and closure to their cases, regardless of how much time has gone by and regardless of the budget constraints and geographic boundaries."

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