Norman Escobar: Sues Girlfriend for Not Protecting Him from Stabby Ex-Boyfriend

When good dates go bad.....

Norman Escobar probably thought things were progressing nicely with his new girlfriend; after all, he was sharing her bed, so that's a start.

Unfortunately for him, according to a suit he filed that's cited by Courthouse News Service, things went downhill from there.

The girlfriend, the suit says, ignored several threatening messages she had received from an ex-boyfriend who wasn't happy with the new arrangements.

The woman -- called "the defendant" -- had a boyfriend who, the suit says, "had a history of violence with defendant, became enraged that [Escobar] was staying at defendant's home. Throughout the day prior to attacking [Escobar], he sent threatening text messages to defendant threatening to harm [Escobar]."

Still, the lure was strong and Escobar decided to stay the night.

"Despite those text messages, defendant did not properly secure her home when her and [Escobar] went to bed," the suit says. "While asleep in defendant's bed, defendant's ex-boyfriend walked into the home and stabbed [Escobar] several times."

Escobar suffered "serious injuries and damages," the suit says. The stabber isn't named, so it cannot be determined if police were called or charges were filed.

Escobar seeks unspecified damages.

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