Teachers have complained about the principal and administrators in the past.
Teachers have complained about the principal and administrators in the past.

HISD Yanks Northside High School Principal and Administrators After Investigation

The principal at Northside High School and two other administrators have been reassigned permanently just three days before the start of the 2017-2018 school year, according to Houston Independent School District spokesman Tracy Clemons.

HISD would not release the names of the reassigned administrators, but Corina Ortiz, a staff representative with the Houston Federation of Teachers, said the three are Principal Julissa Alcantar-Martinez and assistant principals Rebecca Hampton and Monica Quintero.

Northside is a mostly Hispanic high school on the near northside of Houston and had a 92 percent graduation rate in 2015. But teachers have complained to the federation about the behavior of the three administrators in the past, according to Ortiz.

“I know that it was a very stressful work environment,” Ortiz said. “This has been the culmination of what’s been happening for a couple years.”

Ortiz didn’t offer specifics about the behavior of Alcantar-Martinez or the two assistants. She said HISD has an ongoing investigation into the school and the removal is based on those findings. She has not been informed as to why exactly the three administrators were removed.

“The district has not been forthcoming to me either,” she said.

Clemons said a veteran administrator will be brought in to help with the transition as Northside starts school on Monday.

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