Not Much Good Happens When You Piss On A Cab

In court, sometimes it's not as much about who's more right as it is about who is less wrong. Welcome to Neckelmann vs. Madugba, A.K.A.: The case of the man who pissed on a cab and barely lived to tell about it. (Allegedly, of course).

According to the lawsuit recently filed in Harris County District Court, Shawn Neckelmann of Friendswood was out on the town along Austin's infamous Sixth Street with his brother and two friends when they hailed a cab to the Doubletree Hotel at around 3 a.m. on May 2. Their driver for the evening: Victor Madugba of Houston.

When the cab pulled up to the hotel, Neckelmann and his fellow passengers handed Madugba a $20 bill to pay the $6 fare. Madugba allegedly told the men that he did not have change and "demanded" the rest as a tip, Neckelmann claims. It was then that things turned sour.

One of the passengers apparently ran into the hotel to make change, returned, paid Madugba and three new taxi-riders climbed in the cab. But not before Neckelmann urinated on the back right bumper of the car, Neckelmann admits.

Madugba became enraged, the lawsuit states, and began shouting at Neckelmann. Suddenly, he threw the car in gear, moved forward, and then quickly reversed, slamming into Neckelmann and knocking him to the ground, according to the lawsuit. Madugba -- the first three letters of his name seemingly characterizing his mood at the time -- then allegedly backed over Neckelmann again, running over both of his legs. Madugba then sped off, his three new passengers still inside.

Neckelmann was taken to an area hospital that night and later had surgery, he claims, doctors putting plates and screws in his legs. His attorney, Eloy Gaitan, tells Hair Balls that Neckelmann is up and walking these days, but very may well have a metal rod running from his knee to his ankle in one of his legs for the rest of his life.

As for Neckelmann's part in all of this, Gaitan says, "Was he remorseful? I'm sure he was after the fact."

Neckelmann, who Gaitan says works for a company that charters airplanes, is suing Madugba and the Yellow Cab Company of Austin for negligence. Austin police reportedly charged Madugba with aggravated assault. The Houston phone number listed for Madugba is no longer working.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.