Not Quite the Crowds We Expected at Rice Village or the Galleria

After all the hype of the past week leading up to Black Friday, we decided to venture out into the world of massive sales and astronomical blowouts and deeply discounted electronics.

But where'd you all go? Did we miss all of you? Did you already head home to make Turkey Helper?

We drove over to Rice Village this afternoon. Nothing doing. Parking spots were relatively plentiful, meaning you didn't have to stalk some poor lady drinking a latte as she walked out to her SUV. The stores looked just as busy as they would be on a typical Saturday. Even all the usual suspects along the way seemed just ho-hum.

The Galleria seemed pretty packed, but it may have just been the asinine traffic. You know, the people trying to make senseless lane changes. All reports coming out of that mall spoke of crowding, but nothing on a catastrophically busy scale. The new mall complex surrounding the House Of Blues looked slow and lonely. Even that fancy new bookstore was all tumbleweeds.

Either this whole "recession" thing is really spooking people into holding onto those dollars in breathless anticipation of the bottom falling out and rolling down the gutter, or it was the nasty ass weather we are having currently. But it's November for chrissakes! I got a bitchin' pair of earmuffs I wanna break out! I got no business wearing a pair of sandals putting up Christmas lights.

- Craig Hlavaty

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.