Courtesy of the GHCVB
He's gonna have to do a lot of partying to make up for that $95K pay cut.

Not-So-Breaking: Residents of Hell Told to Protect Pipes, Plants and Pets

In case you missed it in all the holiday revelry, Jordy Tollett, the unkillable head of the Greater Houston Convention & Vistors Bureau, announced he is throwing in the towel in the fight to keep his job . As our recent examination of Tollett's Almost Wikipedia entry showed, the fact that mayor Bill White actually was able to get rid of Tollett is an achievement on a par with eradicating smallpox. We're not saying Jordy is as bad as smallpox, but he did inflict that hideous Jones Plaza facility on us.

At any rate, Tollett's parachute will be as golden as it gets for a public servant: He'll "consult" for the GHCVB in 2007 and receive his full $206,000 salary; after that he'll be forced to live on his annual $111,000 city pension, plus whatever he gets from his new employers (he's considering three offers, he says), who no doubt won't be such prudes about Tollett hitting up titty bars or drinking away his lunch hour. -- Richard Connelly

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