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Not to Be Out-Douched by Todd Graham, Bobby Knight Pulls a Dick Cheney and Shoots at His Neighbors

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Tulsa athletic director Bubba Cunningham recently let it be known that “we need to provide an environment where a student-athlete can participate and fans can enjoy college athletics in a very positive way.”

Cunningham made this statement as he was filing a complaint about the Rice marching band, The MOB, calling Tulsa coach Todd Graham a douchebag. And I suppose Cunningham does have a point. The student-athlete should be able to participate in and enjoy sports in a very positive way.

Which makes me wonder how an asshole like Bobby Knight is still coaching.

The Texas Tech basketball coach is in the news, again, because he’s been shooting at his neighbors. Knight doesn’t exactly deny doing this; he just claims that it wasn’t done on purpose. And this is from a man who was known for pulling a Dick Cheney before Cheney had ever thought about pulling a Dick Cheney.

Now that’s got nothing to do with sportsmanship. But it’s just a start in to the personality of the prick that is Bobby Knight. He’s tried to choke players. He’s fought with his employer at a salad bar. He’s a bully. He believes in loyalty only to himself. He threw a plant at a secretary. He fought a cop. He stuffed a fan of another school into a trash can. He once threw a chair at a referee.

But Knight is treasured by many, many people. He is the epitome of college basketball. Hell, Richard Justice worships him and calls him the greatest coach in the history of college basketball – Justice has apparently never heard of John Wooden or Dean Smith. But if the colleges really want to promote a civil environment, an environment promoting a positive student experience, then how can Bobby Knight be tolerated?

I know that all of you Bobby Knight supporters are going to talk about his greatness. About his graduation rates. About how he’s helped out some of his players. Well, guess what, Dean Smith did all of that, too, and he didn’t go try and choke Michael Jordan and he never got into a fight with a cop in Puerto Rico. And guess what, when’s the last time Knight actually won something of importance?

Bobby Knight’s a bully. And way too many people have let him get away with being a bully for far too long. But if people like Bubba Cunningham really want to improve the environment in college sports, perhaps they should worry less about the Rice band calling Todd Graham a douchebag, and worry more about the real douchebags, like Bobby Knight. – John Royal

UPDATE: Courtesy of the Dallas Morning-News comes video following one of the shooting incidents. As if more proof is actually needed to demonstrate what a dick Knight is. And would you really want to be this guy's friend? I just love how Knight says, I didn't do it, my friend here did. And you've also got to love Bobby Knight, of all people, lecturing someone on politeness.

Seriously, if you want to do something about sportsmanship in sports, forget about The MOB. Get Bobby Knight either under control or kick him out.

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