Not Your Usual Doctor's-License Suspension (This One Includes a 107 MPH Cop Chase)

Hair Balls reads many Texas Medical Board notices of license suspensions, and they usually involve doctors keeping poor records or maybe popping a few pills. But Thursday's announcement of the suspension of Victoria doctor Shirley Pigott's license was in a league of its own.

Pigott has had a long-standing beef with the Board -- she's accused the Board of engaging in cover-ups and retribution, and perhaps most seriously, she once wrote that this continued persecution led to her husband's suicide in January 2008.

The alleged persecution reached a boiling point in September 2007, when Pigott was arrest for evading a police officer who had pulled her over for speeding. (Pigott believes a former Board disciplinarian sicced the cops on her.)  You can read Pigott's saga in her own words (including how she gunned the car to a sweet 107 mph to get away from the DPS officers) right here.

This ultimately led to Pigott's arrest for felony assault on a police officer, according to the Board's suspension order, which also states that Pigott "has made a number of false statements about being stalked by the Texas Department of Public Safety officers, and about conspiracies among a number of state agencies, and Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Texas."

The order also states that the Board's forensic psychiatrist evaluated Pigott and "his impression from the March 20, 2009, meeting was that she is more likely than not psychotic and her judgment is seriously impaired by the psychosis....He determined that she appears to be destabilized and is a continuing threat to her patients and/or the public due to her impaired status."

Apparently, Pigott is also quite the writer. According to the order, she's "written numerous e-mails regarding her mental conditions asociated with potential instability to various Texas legislators and to employees of select Texas state agencies. She also has acknowledged that she could go 'berserk.'"

Hair Balls hopes Pigott gets some rest.

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