Note to Vince Young: Send Thank You to Kubiak

You got lucky, VY, really lucky...

The biggest news coming out of yesterday's Texans/Titans game is that Vince Young (you may know him as VY) beat his hometown team. Even the most die-hard Texans fans (both of them) had to smile when Vince dropped back to pass, tucked the ball in, turned on the jets and sliced through a stunned Texans D and into the endzone. Even prettier was his jog to the stands, where he tossed the ball to a fan, who turned and handed it to a surprised little kid. It's hard to draw up a better play.

Down 14-3 in the first half, Texans coach Gary Kubiak said that the team needed "the best football we've needed all year."

Well, duh. David Carr had thrown a pick and fumbled twice, and the only players on offense who bothered showing up were youngsters Owen Daniels and Wali Lundy — both of whom are cementing go-to-guy status — and LT Ephraim Salaam, who played hurt, had to be helped up by fellow lineman and was the only Texan to go after Carr's second fumble.

And so Carr gets benched, and in comes Sage Rosenfels, to the delight of "Play Sage" fans everywhere. On his first drive, Sage dropped back, read the defense and zinged one to Andre Johnson, who let the ball pop off his right shoulder and into the hands of PacMan Jones.

Adding insult to injury: Jones, a first-round punk who barely looks worth his draft status — oh, and who's been accused of spitting in a women's face — got his first ever INT on that play.

Not that Sage didn't show poise. He read the D, didn't panic, dished the ball off while the offensive line held their blocks and kept the offense moving. Late in the third, he hung a high pass on a rope for Johnson, who pulled a Dwayne Wade and soared through the air, snatching the ball and hitting the endzone. All this while Carr watched from the sidelines, visibly pissed. Rosenfels ensured that the 28-22 loss didn't look as embarrassing to the team as it really was.

And Vince? He danced on the sideline when his teammate Jones (yeah, PacMan Jones) fielded a punt and ran it in for TD. He jumped for joy when DT Robaire Smith, a player signed to replace head-stomping Albert Haynesworth , blocked the Texans extra point. (Oh yeah, the Texans waived Smith before the season. You knew he'd come to play.)

Like Gary's hairdo? You should see his huevos!

After the game, fans piled on Carr on Sportsradio 610's fan feedback show, calling for his head and for a Rosenfels promotion. One caller praised coach Kubiak for having the "huevos" to bench Carr.

Clearly, Carr's this franchise's whipping boy. Coach Kubiak — make no mistake — is the reason this team drafted Mario Williams, and not VY or even Reggie Bush. He's the reason the Texans looked so shitty in the second half, when they fashionably strolled along instead of running a hurry-up offense with more than two minutes left to play. Players couldn't manage time, couldn't catch gimme passes, couldn't block, couldn't tackle and couldn't stop a face-spitter from dancing into the endzone (and humping a goal post — ugh).

But yeah, it's all Carr's fault. Kubiak has huevos.

Meanwhile, VY looked poised, sharp and professional, prompting all the "We shoulda drafted VY" talk.

And to those "Draft Vince Young" fans, I offer four simple letters: STFU.

If you're really a VY fan, would you want him here? Here with an offensive line roster that gets shuffled more than Paris's hookup list? Here with — up until yesterday — an utterly unreliable running game? With a defense that ensures that the offense will have to score a lot of points?

Would you like to see him crucified by four D lineman and two linebackers every other play, like his counterpart Carr? Or worse: having to tuck the ball in and run every down, proving all the anti-VY, "he's just a runner" haters right?

Or would you want him in a place where there's no pressure? Where he'd line up with Travis Henry and LenDale White (as ironic as that might be)? A place where the biggest burden of success is the one he places on himself? You know, a place like Tennessee.

Thought so. So shut up and buy the blue Titans #10 jersey already. — Steven Devadanam

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