Now Bolivar Wants In On The Whole Gambling Thing

We've already noted that some Galveston residents are hoping that legalized gambling is the island's ticket for a post-Ike comeback; now it's Bolivar Peninsula getting in on the action.

Galveston County Commissioner Patrick Doyle who represents the devastated area, tells KHOU the devastation is a big selling point.

"The slate is clean to do as they please," Doyle said. "There are no constraints, because the whole peninsula north of (state) Highway 87 is completely clear and ready."

Thanks, Ike!

Doyle also says the peninsula is a better choice for casinos because they can be isolated from the rest of the area.

"There are big reasons why people don't want it in their backyard, but Bolivar is a geographically confined area, and you'd have to take a 30-minute ferry ride to get there," he says, showing perhaps a fatal misunderstanding of how to come up with a great marketing slogan.

Although we can imagine the ferry looking much like the sad buses that head from the New Jersey suburbs down to Atlantic City -- bustling with energy and hope on the way, gloom-infested and depressing on the way back.

There's a public hearing on the whole casino issue in Austin Wednesday. We still think the idea is a longshot (no lame gambling reference intended), but if it's ever going to happen it'll be as a way to sell legislators on a cheap and easy way to let Galveston recover from Ike.

And then, next session, every city in the state will declare the need to "recover" from a particularly heavy spring thunderstorm, or drought, or blue norther.

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