Now the Question Can Finally Be Answered Once and for All: Jessica Alba or Jennifer Aniston?

Guy talk has finally come to Houston!! Rejoice!! Or, better yet, change the channel.

On Monday, venerable local station KPRC changed formats from right-wing blather 24/7 to a much more nuanced menu, one that seasons the right-wing blather with occasional forays into “guy talk.”

This features shows like Walton & Johnson and Mancow, a Chicago-based Howard Stern wanna-be. KPRC is now “The 9-5-0 – Radio Mojo,” God help us all.

This is the brainchild of Michael Berry, the Houston city councilman who had a radio show on KPRC and was then, a few months ago, inexplicably given the job of heading up AM programming for Clear Channel’s Houston stations (which include KPRC, KTRH and the sports channel KBME).

So far, reviews have been mixed. See the threads “Mojo 950 Review” and “Panic, or the Last Stand for 950 KPRC?” on this radio message board.

The old KPRC line-up sucked pretty hard, so it’s hard to imagine things getting much worse. But with the radio industry wildly scrambling for any format that will attract listeners, this bold line-up change could work, or it (more likely) could be a memorable disaster. So stay tuned!! – Richard Connelly

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