Now You Can Watch The State Board Of Education Hijinks Live!! On Your Computer

Television just got a lot more entertaining this week. And we're not talking about the Jay Leno show.

The State Board of Education announced today that it will be televising its committee meetings for the world to see. (A new law requires them to do so, but we like to think it's just civic-mindedness on their part.)

To be pedantic, they won't be on television, per se. But the meetings will be on the Net, which is the next best thing. The kidz don't watch anything unless it's on their computers, anyway!

So what can we look forward to in Wednesday's show? From what Dan Quinn of the Texas Freedom Network tells us, it should be a laff riot!!!

One of the subjects: Social studies curriculum.

"Apparently, David Barton, head of the Christian-right group WallBuilders, is planning to display a variety of historical artifacts he has collected (possibly including, I'm told, a lock of George Washington's hair and letters written by various Founders of the nation)," Quinn tells Hair Balls. "Of course, Barton -- who has earned only a bachelor's degree in religious education -- has absolutely no academic credentials that could remotely qualify him as an expert in social studies. So the contrast should be interesting: a number of the 'expert' panel's respected, mainstream academics who can point to their numerous peer-reviewed books and research articles, and then Barton, a political activist who can point to his personal traveling road show as 'evidence' of his supposed expertise as a historian."

Look, Quinn, do any of these so-called "academics" have a lock of what maybe, possibly, could be George Washington's hair? Case closed, pinko.

Quinn also expects protests over proposals that textbooks include discussions of Hindu and Buddhist celebrations but not Christmas.

"What [Barton] fails to acknowledge is that the Grade 6 course is on world geography and cultures, not American history or culture. In fact, the standard includes Easter and one example from each of the world's other major religions," Quinn says.

In the past, these trenchant, high-minded and mentally stimulating discussions of such matters were only available to the world on web audio. Now people everywhere can sit back and enjoy Texas at its best.


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