NYC Cyclist Purposely Runs Into Things to Make Point, Houston Cyclists Nod in Approval

New York City cyclist Casey Neistat got a $50 ticket for riding outside the bike lane in the city. Like many cities, New York is seeing an increase in cyclists on the roadways. Houston is certainly no different. Despite massive sprawl and a square footage big enough to hold like five New York Cities inside our limits, lots of people get out and ride bikes.

The problem is that, as Neistat pointed out in this video, there are often things blocking the very bicycle lanes cyclist are required to remain inside. So, to prove a point, Neistat filmed himself running into a bunch of them.

From cabs and trucks to construction work and even a police car, he sacrificed himself to demonstrate the difficulty of following that rule.

No doubt Houston cyclists often feel the same. It can be impossible to stay in bike lanes and riding on the street often means you take your life into your own hands, literally. With two cyclist deaths in the past two months, I bet plenty of riders can understand Neistat's frustration.

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