Courtesy of Domy Books

O Captain, My Captain

Although primarily known as a musician,

Daniel Johnston

has made waves as a visual artist in recent years. After holding exhibitions in Paris and London, Johnston cemented his footing in the art world by landing 30 originals in the 2006 Whitney Biennial. He brings some of his work to

Domy Books

for "

Where are the ducks when you need them?: new works by Daniel Johnston


You may be asking: How did a small gallery/bookstore grab originals from an artist who's shown in some of the most esteemed exhibitions in the world? According to Domy manager Russell Etchen, it was pretty easy. "One day Johnston's sister walked in the door [and was] impressed with the space," says Etchen. "She asked if we were interested in holding a show for Daniel." --Brett Koshkin

Johnston isn't the only internationally known artist showing in Houston this week. There's also Germany's Eric Peters at Gremillion & Co., Canada's Lynn Richardson at the Commerce Street Artists Warehouse and, um, Monet, Van Gogh and Cezanne at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston. To catch up on them all, as well as next week's best theater, poetry, film and music events, check out our Night & Day� section.

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