Obama Accuser NOT An Aggie, Aggies Thankfully Discover

If you haven't heard of Ashley Todd, she's the 20-year-old girl who was campaigning for McCain in Pittsburgh and

made up a story

about an Obama supporter carving a "B" in the side of her face.

You'd think that she would take that story straight to the police, but she didn't. Her first stop was the apartment of Dan Garcia, a former member of the Brazos County Young Republicans who happens to be attending law school in Pittsburgh.

"There was an emotional outpouring to help her out because we all believed it," Garcia tells Hair Balls. "That strength of belief came from me, because I'm the one that saw her first. I'm extremely frustrated that I got duped."

Garcia says he didn't know Todd well, but she had his contact information from the Young Republicans, and she called him, crying, begging for help, and he told her to come over. He calmed her down, and she told him about the mugging. Garcia helped her file a police report, and he took her to the hospital later that night. He also sent other Young Republicans text messages asking for support.

"We thought she was a victim of a crime, and we rallied around her, that's what we do," Garcia says. "She's just one person who needs help. I wouldn't even associate her with [Young Republicans] right now."

Turns out, Todd isn't a Texas A&M student either.

"She never has been, and I hope she never will be an Aggie," Garcia says. "I was deceived on that as well."

Update: The official statement from the McCain campaign: "This is a sad situation. We hope she gets the help she needs."

-- Paul Knight

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.