Dude, where's the birth certificate?

Obama Birth Certificate: San Antonio Demands The Truth, Via Billboard

While the mainstream media continues to perpetuate the myth that Barack Hussein Obama is American as apple pie and waterboarding, one publication has been brave enough to answer the single-most important and totally unanswered question of our times: Where's the birth certificate?

Launched by WorldNetDaily.net founder Joseph Farah, the campaign has gained momentum via a series of billboards, the latest of which has been unveiled in San Antonio. We tried to reach Farah, or anyone else with WND, but the staff is currently "attending a company retreat and 'Taking America Back' conference in Miami, Florida," according to a voicemail message at the company's D.C. headquarters. (The message did not elaborate as to whether the retreat was taking place before or after the staff took back America; nor did it state from whom the staff was taking America back).

According to a WND story, however, "the campaign has been sustained by contributions from WND visitors and others who have discovered it from simply driving past a billboard." Farah also said that "People simply shouldn't have to conjecture about where they think their president was born. It ought to be a matter of public record -- and it clearly is not."

Although birth certificates are by definition public record, Hawaii officials have conspired with our Muslim, Marxist president to cover the truth by posting forged documents online and lying about supposedly having "seen" or "touched" the original birth certificate. Like his birther brethren, Farah is much too smart to fall for such deceit.

Hair Balls doesn't think Farah is asking enough questions: he should be asking for a state ID and Social Security card as well -- you know, the same forms of ID Luis Alberto Delgado showed immigration officials in June. And like Farah, custom officials were too sharp to fall for Delgado's whole "I'm actually a citizen -- dude, I was born in freakin' Ben Taub" argument. Really, who was Delgado kidding? For one thing, the guy's not even white. Hello?

We applaud those immigration officials for going with their guts, and we applaud Farah for soldiering on and not giving into the politically correct forces of evidence, logic and common decency. We're just glad that he's been able to bring his campaign to Texas.

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