Obama Causes Kids To Miss Lifetime Dream Of Meeting Cowboys

Last week we told you about the Arlington school district, which refused to show President Obama's "stay in school" speech but was fine with busing hundreds of students to Cowboys Stadium to hear George W. Bush.

It sounded odd to us, but then again we don't live in Arlington.

Now, it appears, sanity -- or at least what passes for it up in the Metroplex -- has prevailed.

The district announced today that the field trip to Cowboys Stadium was off. "In retrospect, I can see how the district's decisions concerning these two events could be seen as favoring one event over the other," AISD superintendent Jerry McCullough wrote to parents.

"In retrospect"?

You needed that gift of time to see how barring one speech from being viewed, yet busing kids to hear a different one might just create the impression that one event was being favored over the other? Good analytic thinking there.

You can now begin the countdown to the moment the right-wing web starts going on about how the "PC Police" have robbed hard-working kids the chance of a lifetime.

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