Obama Mural Defaced Once Again, But You Cannot Kill It

Uh-oh, did we just put "Obama" and "kill" in the same line? We'll expect our Secret Service call any day now.

The Breakfast Klub's eye-catching Obama mural by Reginald Adams, which has been attracting attention at Alabama and Travis since 2008, has been defaced yet again.

It should be used to such treatment, which has been going on pretty much since it went up. Usually the method of vandalism/statement-making has been a blob of white paint; this time it seems to be more of an attempt to portray the president as seeing the world through rose-colored glasses (or communist-red-colored glasses, of course, since he's a pinko, as everyone would know if they simply took the time to visit any of the thousands of Web sites that painstakingly explain how Marxists have pulled off the incredible secret plan to put one of their own in the White House).

Where were we? Oh yeah, not to worry -- while the mural is going away, the support isn't. Breakfast Klub owner Michael Davis tells Fox 26 a new design will go up, beginning at sundown tonight.

And the restaurant's Facebook page makes it clear they won't be intimidated.

Soon enough the replacement will be defaced, too, we're sure. Such is the state of political debate these days.

Hope Mural from Alex Luster on Vimeo.

Video by Alex Luster, a/k/a Primo

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.