Obama, No Way. W And Some Dallas Cowboys? You Bet!

Houston, whenever you worry the right-wing loons are making you look bad, take solace in this: There's always Dallas.

North Texas was perhaps the country's capital of the awe-inspiring movement that kept schoolkids from hearing a president speak about staying in school. And the Dallas area played its part.

The Arlington school district, for instance, refused to show Obama's speech, no doubt because it was a partisan attempt at political hackery disrupting the sanctity of the school day.

Too bad Obama didn't offer a trip to a football stadium. That would have made it all okay.

Arlington, it turns out, couldn't let its kids take 15 minutes off to hear Obama, but they can get bused to the Dallas Cowboys' new stadium to hear George W. Bush.

Bush and "Cowboy Legends," which we have to assume mean those Cowboys who have not been convicted of anything, will speak to the children about tax cuts for the rich, the capital gains tax, the horrors of OSHA and the EPA, and invading countries who haven't attacked us. Or they might be talking about staying in school, we can't be sure until they release their remarks so we can study them.

(Come to think of it, "Cowboys Legends" might include convicts, since there are a healthy number of America's Team alumni who make a living off tearfully repenting their wicked ways.)

The Cowboys event is very, very different from Obama invading schools with his insidious brainwaves. The citizens of Arlington are very, very lucky to have such astute, stand-up members on their school board and administration, people who can make these distinctions.

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