The fashion police are everywhere

Obama Shirt: Can't Vote. Reagan Shirt? Vote Away

Shirts are fast becoming the new weapon of choice in Harris County's 2010 polling places.

One woman told KHOU she was not allowed to vote because she was wearing an Obama shirt. The county issued an official warning against people wearing Obama shirts (or, if anyone had them, McCain shirts).

One Friend of Hair Balls decided to put things to the test. She dug up an old 1980 Reagan t-shirt she had purchased at a thrift shop (in order to attend a Sarah Palin rally), and headed to the West Gray Multi-Service Center for early voting.

She was able to cast a vote, but had to make some adjustments.

"I made it all the way to the booth, then a large and in charge woman tugged on my sleeve and asked me to come with her to the restroom. Presuming I hadn't accidentally stumbled into The Barn, I followed," she said.

"She told me there had been some 'trouble' at other precincts with people wanting to wear 'certain shirts' and even though she knew I was gonna vote 'the right way,' I had to turn my shirt inside out," she said.

(We don't want to stop anyone who's about to vote "the right way," for sure!)

"Considering the age of the shirt," she continued, "it didn't make any difference because it was pretty see-through. One of the other voting worker ladies told me 'it don't make a difference if it's inside or out 'cause folks like us can tell it's an elephant, even if it's backwards.'"

The poll workers were actually following the guidelines, which said that if a political shirt is being worn, the potential voter "will not be allowed in the poll until they cover the shirt, turn it inside out or remove it."

Or, if it's an Obama shirt, just send them away.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.